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Supply Chain Solutions

IDG is the industry leader in the design, build and management of scalable supply chain solutions.  IDG is the ONLY industrial distributor that can provide a full range of robust solutions, from with same day shipping to Full Storeroom Management. Contact us today to determine which solutions are best for you.

Integrated Supply

Our Integrated Supply solution is designed to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of all processes related to the acquisition, receipt, management and issuance of indirect materials throughout your facility. Contact IDG today…

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Reduce your inventory and streamline purchasing of your high-moving items by utilizing IDG’s scanning technology and 24/7 online ordering. Save time and money with Industrial Distribution Group’s Customer-Managed Inventory solution.

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At IDG we are committed to growing with the ever-changing landscape of electronic business to help you increase productivity and eliminate unnecessary transaction costs. Learn how we can integrate with your ERP system.

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Automated dispensing at the point-of-use allows you to control, track and manage inventories and critical assets. Click below to learn how our team of experts can optimize a dispensing program for increased productivity at your business.

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Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution is an electronic process to manage and procure indirect materials using our associates and resources. Contact us today and IDG will help you reduce costs and improve productivity at your facilities.

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IDG’s solutions can reduce your cost of acquiring indirect materials, optimize inventory levels, improve cash flow, enhance service levels and drive accountability of product consumption throughout your organization.

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